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About CSW

Community for a Sustainable World (CSW) is a Vancouver, BC based non-profit organization founded in 2014 by Alanah Morin, Nikki Thompson and Kiana Heighton.


Our vision, mission and even our name were born from a shared passion for the both planet and humanity. As one enormous collective of people on the planet, we believe that the uniqueness we each bring creates a diverse community of humans with so much to offer. At CSW we're tapping into our unique skills, and inviting others to join us, so that we can support those most in need establish sustainable self-reliant communities and experience all the world has to share.


We are proud to be an entirely volunteer run organization as this allows us to use 100% of the proceeds we raise to deliver our projects in a sustainable way. We love any opportunity to work with those who share our values, so if this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, let us know. We'd love to have you.

Our Vision 


 Our vision is to support and develop sustainable, self-reliant

communities around the globe. 


Our Mission


to introduce sustainable solutions that

develop self-reliant communities 


to promote growth through skill-building,

academics, and sexual health education


to establish local and global networks that

allow communities to thrive


What makes CSW different?


While other organizations may focus on "giving a man a fish," we focus on long-lasting impacts inspired by the "teach a man to fish" school of thought.   This ancient proverb has shaped our operating principles and the philosophy lends itself as a crucial piece to developing sustainable self-reliant communities. We recognize that it feels good to give. But we also know it feels even better when what you're giving has a long-term positive impact for others.  



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Our Four Branches

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logo, tree, CSW


Causes for Action

The CSW Community Development Wheel™ breaks down five key elements that support sustainable self-reliant communities. Each piece of the wheel is interconnected to demonstrate how integral they are to one another and how each element supports and elevates another. As we continue to work with communities around the globe we're passionate about taking on projects that fall into one, or several, of these categories. Our Development Wheel allows us to identify opportunities within the community and cultivate impactful holistic projects that support our long-term goals and those of our partners. 



Community Development


Sustainable Infrastructure
Infrastructure includes physical or organizational structures that are required for a community to function. Sustainable infrastructure is therefore any structure or facility that supports the long-term growth of a community. By considering infrastructure on the community level, we are able to provide structures that the community wants and needs while serving to support other key elements within the community. 

Every community relies on some form of economy for it's long-term success, therefore it's important we leverage the skills, aptitudes, and resources within a community to generate income and financial stability.

Education & Skills 
We believe that access to education is a right that every human being is entitled to no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, or religion.  Education and skills empowers society to discover and ultimately live into their purpose. It encourages humanity to grow not only in terms of IQ, but also EQ. Where there is education there is knowledge. Where there is knowledge there is power, and everyone deserves to have the power and control to determine their own future. 

Waste Management
Humans have become the most significant source of pollution on this planet, but we believe one-by-one we can influence large changes with small actions every day. With a quickly growing population, everything from flushing a toilet to taking plastic bags at the grocery store presents an opportunity to better manage our waste. We plan to work our partners to develop waste management systems that better serve their community and the planet. Making opportunity out of waste, like composting, or recycling plastics to divert non-biodegradables from landfills are small changes that if adopted on a community level can have mass positive impact. We believe in giving communities the power of choice on how they can gain the most from their waste streams. 

Food & Water
Food scarcity has become a topic for concern around the world. Without stable access to food and water, communities cannot thrive. We live in a world where developed nations waste more than they consume while others simply do not the resources to guarantee a healthy meal each night. We aim to change these realities by collaborating to provide the knowledge and technical assistance for a community to grow, harvest and store their own food and water. In every community we work with, we believe it is important to ensure they have self-reliant access to food and water. The simple introduction of rain water collection or hydroponic gardening systems offer a great solution for small independent communities to conserve drinking water while offering the option to grow they’re own food. 

Community Development Wheel