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Bhumi Bracelets

Our Bhumi Bracelets™ are hand crafted from naturally dyed leather. Their name is inspired by Bhumi-Devi, goddes of the Earth, and the Bhumisparsha Mudra. We invite you to bare your bhumi as a daily reminder to give presence to our planet. 


Who will you be for the earth?

Bhumisparsha Mudra

The Bhumisparsha mudra (on left), is commonly known as the "earth witness." This is one of the most common gestures found on images of the Buddha. When you bare your Bhumi, we encourage you to give presence and witness the earth around you. At CSW we give presence in everything we do. 


The Bhumisparsha mudra sybolizes the union between skillful means with the right hand brushing the earth, and wisdom with the left palm facing upwards. Reflection allows us to live and breathe this mudra every day.


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