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Botshabelo Community Development Project

About Botsabelo
Botshabelo Community Developmet Project
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About Botshabelo

In 2016, we partnered with the Botshabelo Community Development Trust to help them reach their goal of being a model sustainable African village.

Botshabelo's History

The Botshabelo Community Development Trust was founded by Con and Marion Cloete in December 1990 in Magaliesburg, South Africa. The small rural Botshabelo community has a school where they teach the community children skills to lead a productive life and an orphanage that is home to over 250 children. The community village is also home to an ever expanding number of families; some born and raised in the community itself.


HIV/AIDS is a both a staggering pandemic and reality in Sub-Saharan Africa. Botshabelo's dedicated staff, volunteers and community members care for children whose families can't afford to care for them and those orphaned by HIV/AIDS. 


To learn more about Botshabelo, visit their website here.

Botshabelo's Vision

The ultimate goal at Botshabelo is to alleviate poverty and be the model village of Africa that works together for sustainable and communal growth. Everyone at Botshabelo – the founders, the villagers, students and volunteers – lives and works together as a family towards that goal.


The Botshabelo philosophy is "to help anyone who needs it, regardless of background or age. If someone comes to us for help, [they] can’t turn them away, whether they are an adult, a child or even an animal. As a result, [they] are now home to about 1,000 men, women and children, plus a few dogs, cats and snakes."


For more information, click here.


Botshabelo Community Development Project
Botshabelo Community Development Project
Botshabelo Community Development Project
Botshabelo Community Development Project
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