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Community Program Coordinator


The Operations Team

Our Community Program Coordinators (CPC) report to the Operations Manager. The CPCs collaborate with the Social Media and Fundraising teams to plan, coordinate and execute successful community programming that supports our mission as well as our fundraising goals. The Operations Team is responsible for developing and implementing a successful fundraising strategy, creating and managing the organization’s budgets, overseeing Community Programming and managing the day-to-day operations.



The Day-to-Day

CPCs are the life force in our community. This team is on the ground engaging local communities and raising awareness for CSW. We are looking for someone who is passionate about driving change on a local small-scale. Afterall, small drops in the water make big ripples. This person should be an organized and creative leading unique awareness programs in collaboration with our Fundraising and Social Media teams. CPCs are excited for a challenge, embracing the variety of administrative and program management tasks that come with the territory. You will help in planning and organizing programs and activities as well as carry out important operational duties in the Greater Vancouver Area.


The goal will be to create and deliver effective community programming according to the organization’s standards. To be an excellent program coordinator, you must be organized and detail-oriented, comfortable working with diverse teams.  Since this position is entirely volunteer based, we want to ensure that our CPCs can balance their work along with their daily lives. On average, we’re asking for a minimum of 2 hours per week as a commitment, although it is possible this can fluctuate based on special events, media campaigns, project roll outs, etc. Additional time requests will be agreed upon by the Operations Specialist.


Your Responsibilities

  • Support creating, planning and coordinating program delivery and its associated activities

  • Build new relationships and develop existing relationships with community partners

  • Bring CSWs four branches to life through community programming

  • Ensure implementation of policies and practices

  • Maintain budget and track expenditures/transactions

  • Collaborate with the Social Media team to market community programs

  • Help build positive relations within the team and external parties

  • Keep updated records and create reports or proposals when necessary

  • Support growth and program development on a organizational and community level


The Fine Print

  • Proven experience as program coordinator or relevant position

  • Knowledge of program management and development procedures

  • Knowledge of budgeting, bookkeeping and reporting

  • Tech savvy, proficient in MS Office, Adobe, and other editing softwares

  • Ability to work with diversity and multi-disciplinary teams

  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

  • Detail-oriented and efficient

  • Aptitude, personality and relevant experience are of greater significance than academic qualifications. However, qualifications relevant to the role would be welcomed

Why Volunteer with Us?

CSW’s vision is to support and develop sustainable self-reliant communities around the globe. We work in our local communities and international communities to promote our values of community, collaboration, sustainability, and education. As part of the CSW team, you are helping to make a difference!

Working with CSW, you have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the areas of communications, social media management, non-profit management, and sustainability. Through CSW you can build your portfolio and develop marketable skills. CSW also offers the opportunity for growth within the organization and the chance to take on more responsibilities.

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