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Computer Club (2019)


In a world that grows increasingly more digital every day, understanding basic computer skills is an important hard skill to have. Consider for a moment how you applied for your current job, responded to your last email or how you are reading this right now. So much in our world relies on the use of technology but the reality is that access to technology is not universal. 


Computers are a major part of the technology that many of us use multiple times a day. At Botshabelo access to computers is practically nonexistent and the few who do have access have limited access. This year we're bringing access to computers and computer skills training to the Botshabelo Community Development Project. Our goal is to provide a select team of community computer gurus with accessible computer and introductory programming skills training. Once trained, these individuals can continue to pursue their learning and market their new skills in the world.


Programming is ultimately an inclusive skill and language that can be learned by anybody with curiosity and drive to try new things. So this year, we've partnered with local Vancouver programmer, Jean-Marc Skopek (photo below), to bring this program to life. 

Jean-Marc Skopek, CSW

About the Computer Lab

We'll be building a portable computer lab that consists of 4-6 laptops. Each of these laptops will be contained within a secure case to be managed by an elected community leader. This will ensure the laptops are safely used and they'll be kept secure when not in use. 


Each of these laptops will come preloaded with the software and resources they'll need for the duration of training and continued learning. In addition to the computers, we'll also provide the community with a number of USB storage devices for safe storage of each users creations.


Should the budget permit, we'll also look at adding a microphone to the mix so that the users can record their musical stylings -- which many of them love to create!

About the Training

The computers are only as valuable as the training we provide. Over the next few months our team will be building out various introductory training modules that cover computer and programming basics. All of these modules will combine to form the training program that we'll be delivering  during our stay and can be used  to continue training after our departure. 

As we build out each module our focus is to create an accessible training program that anyone with a base learning level can understand. Of course we'll also be training community computer gurus who can continue to assist those who need the extra learning support.


Through our skills training, each participant will build basic digital computing skills including training on the various features and functions of computers, terminology, typing, resume building, and basic computer programming.

There's more to come on this as we near completion of the project so stay tuned for updates. 

Estimated Total Project Cost: $1000

Costs for the Computer Lab Project include the following items:

  • Laptops & hardware

  • Computer software

  • Printing

  • Teaching supplies

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