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Botshabelo Dance Leadership Workshops

Over the course of our many visits to Botshabelo, we have come to know and love the palpable spirit of movement and dance. It is felt across the village by everyone, seemingly all the time. What we know to be true having spent many hours dancing with the community, is that dance connects us, lifts our spirit, celebrates our traditions, ancestors, and raises the vibration around us. We are excited to share that we’ve partnered with a local African-Canadian dancer to amplify this spirit during our visit in September.


Percy Anane-Dwumfour (on left/below), is an energetic self-taught professional dancer that draws inspiration from his Ghanaian roots. His portfolio speaks for itself, having worked with people of all ages, he's starred in commercials, been in music videos and danced on stage with many different singers.


But what lights him up the most, is sharing his story and passion for dance with his community. Visit his sites to learn more: 

The goal of this project is for Percy to use his gift to give back to the community in a meaningful way. As such, Percy has intended to host dance workshops for the community over the duration of our stay. Creating age appropriate cohorts, Percy will host workshops for grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, the high school students and the adults.


And of course, we anticipate there will be much more dancing throughout the week, from weekend dance parties, to Showtime (we’re coming prepared this year).

Percy has been preparing for this experience for two years now, and having gotten to know him well, we can think of no better person lead this project. 

Total Estimated Project Cost: $500

The total cost includes:

  • sound equipment

  • video equipment

  • volunteer subsidy

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