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We are passionate about getting involved in our communities to help make positive change for the planet and humanity! Check back frequently to stay up to date with all the cool things we have going on and the ways you can get involved!


April 24 Afro Dance Workshop - Website.p

Dance for Botshabelo 2 (Toronto)


Back by popular demand, we're teaming up with Toronto choreographer, Percy Anane-Dwumfour  to host a 90 minute Afro dance workshop and fundraiser at Gotta Dance Inc. Percy joins CSW for the Botshabelo Volunteer Experience this September leading the community through workshops. To kick off the project, we're bringing our very own community together to get us in the groove.


Where: Gotta Dance, 3581 Dundas Street, Toronto

Tickets: $25-$30

Register: TBD 


Proceeds raised support the 2020 Botshabelo Community Development Project.


Botshabelo Volunteer Experience (2021)

31 AUG 2021 - 17 SEP 2021

Duration: 18 days, 17 nights

Dates: August 31, 2021 - September 17, 2021

Departing: Vancouver (YVR) or Toronto (YYZ)

Cost: $3150 CAD per person 

  • Includes:  Flights, accommodations, transportation, food and water, security, and a 4 day/3 night safari. Also included in the cost of the experience is transportation gratuities for our drivers, game ranger

Click here to learn more. 


Trivia Night Website Image (November 202

Virtual Trivia Night

15 NOV 2020

We celebrated our 6th birthday in virtual trivia style. The talented and hilarious Danny Mags from BINGPOT! Trivia led players through our first ever Virtual Charity Trivia Night and it didn't disappoint. Not only were the snacks and drinks BYO, our players also brought their own hilarity!


We eased into it with some animal photos and got our butts kicked by 50/50, choose your own answer and music questions. We laughed we danced, we sang and we had the greatest time! Thank you to everyone who came out to the event! And special shout outs to our grand prize winner Angela M, who took home a hand picked Zero Waste gift bag from CSW. 

People talking at Five Years of Faces

Five Years of Faces: Gallery Night

15 SEP 2019 | 16 SEP 2019

An attitude of gratitude to everyone who came out to to our Vancouver and Toronto events. those who donated, volunteered, followed the journey, participated as a featured face, and showed their support. 


When we began building CSW five years ago, we knew that at the very heart of everything we'd set out to do, community and collaboration would be the foundation of it all. We paused for a moment to witness not only how important those values have become, but also see them in action. There are few words to express the thankfulness we all feel, but what we can say is this... With full hearts and renewed energy, we're ready for the next five years!

Check out our Five Years of Faces event recap on the blog. 


Botshabelo Volunteer Experience (2019)

29 AUG 2019 -  20 SEP 2019 

We returned to South Africa for the 4th Annual Botshabelo Volunteer Experience with a team of eight volunteers. This year we delivered five major projects which included a Gravity Water Supply, Computer Skills Training, Exercise Therapy, Photo Day and ongoing Mushroom Project support. Together, we met and overcame new challenges, shared in laughter, love, tears and joy, and spent some very special quality time connecting with the Botshabelo Community Development Trust. ​Visit the Botshabelo Project page to learn more about our projects.

We closed the experience with a bucket list 4-day safari at Madikwe National Game Reserve and walked away with some pretty incredible memories (and photos).

Group Photo - CSW Afro Dancehall Fundraiser

Afro Dancehall Fundraiser (YYZ)

12 APR 2019, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

CSW joined forces with the very talented Toronto choreographers Percy Anane-Dwumfour and Edz Gyamfi  to host an Afro Dancehall collaborative  dance fundraiser at City Corps Dance Studio. 

40 wonderful humans came out to learn a fun and high-energy choreography that bridged the Afro and Dancehall styles.  We danced, we laughed, we cried laughing so hard sometimes, and we sweat our butts off shakin' it! 

Together we raised $1685 CAD for the Botshabelo Community Development ProjectThank you to our incredible choreographers, attendees and donors! Check out the video here

Lit HIIT Birthday Party (YVR)

10 NOV 2018, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

CSW celebrated our birthday in Vancouver with our Lit HIIT Birthday Party. Special thanks to our extraordinare instructor, Penny Efthimiou, who led us through a kick ass 60 minute HIIT class.


With the support of our attendees and gracious donors, we raised almost $400. Proceeds from the event support CSW and the Botshabelo Community Development Trust.

Aerobic Birthday Bootcamp (YYZ)

10 NOV 2018, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

We celebrated our 4th birthday in Toronto with a good old fashioned aerobics class. The wonderful Gillian Young led our class through a fire 60 minute workout in the beautifully donated space at Ultimate Athletics Club. Click here to visit their website.


With ticket sales and donations, we raised over $500. Proceeds from the event support CSW and the Botshabelo Community Development Project.

Botshabelo Volunteer Experience (2018)

August 17 - September 7

This August we returned to Botshabelo with a team of eight volunteers to tackle a number of projects with the Botshabelo Community Development Trust. This year we focused on providing exercise therapy to several individuals in need, providing 26 community members with Level I First Aid training, and hosting mushroom cultivation education and skills training. We worked around the clock building the infrastructure for the mushroom cultivation program and even provided the community with the funding to install two biogas containers that now provide the community's cooking gas.


Visit the Botshabelo Project page to learn more about our projects.

Breathe & Flow (Toronto)

08 APR 2018, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Our first ever Toronto fundraiser was a great success. On a quiet Sunday afternoon we gathered to breathe & flow for Botshabelo. In the spirit of community, Spirit Loft Movement & Yoga Center hosted this event, and our friend Nora DeBora led our students through 60 minutes of yoga.  


We are even more excited to share that thanks to the generosity of our students, and those who donated, we raised $550 for the Botshabelo Community Development Project. To learn more about the project click here. Click here to learn more about Spirit Loft and here to learn more about Nora! Namaste Yogis!

Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive

31 MAR 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Out with the old and in with the new they say! We've teamed up with Trans-Continental Textile Recycling to host a spring cleaning clothing drive. This event was an epic success, collecting more than 237 pounds of clothes, linens, and shoes! Items in great condition will be sorted and sent to communities in need across the world. Any textiles that aren't in wearable condition will be recycled.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to clean their closets and donate to our event. After seeing the love and kindness you all shared, we'll most definitely be back with another clothing drive soon!

Connect & Reflect: Holiday Row

10 DEC 2017, 12:00 PM

December is a time of major sensory overload. We spend so much time stressing about the holidays, that sometimes we need a good sweat and good laugh to slow down and connect with ourselves and others.


Big thanks to everyone who joined us for an epic rowing class at Club Row Fitness. Major shout out to Aaron Morten, our bad ass instructor, who brought a fire soundtrack, good vibes, and 30 minutes of serious sweat. We raised $300 for the Botshabelo Community Development Project and this brings us one step closer to finishing the solar panel project.

Connect & Reflect: Aroma Yin Yoga

03 DEC 2017, 12:30 PM 

This time of year comes with endless amount of hustle and bustle. We spend so much time thinking about others, and not quite enough in the practice of self-love. We can think of no better time to come together over the giving spirit of the holidays, and enjoy 90 minutes of connection and self-reflection?


Community for a Sustainable World (CSW) would like to thank everyone who came out for Aroma Yin Yoga led by the incredible, Megan Martin.  Part One of the Connect & Reflect Holiday Sweat Series was a great success, and based on the amazing feedback, it won't be the last of its kind!

Burgers for Botshabelo

20 OCT 2017, 7:00 PM

This past August we came so close to completing the Botshabelo Solar Panel Prioject. Due to some unexpected surprises, we have to replace the 480 meter cable that runs from the borehole pump to the electrical box.  So we hosted a good old fashioned pub night fundraiser raising over $1200 for the Botshabelo Community Solar Panel Project. 


Date: Friday October 20, 2017

Time: 7:00pm - until you're ready to go...

Location: The Pint, 455 Abbott Street, Vancouver

Tickets: $30, fee includes 1 drink, burger, side, cover and a donation to Botshabelo

web image - coastal clean up.png
Coastal Clean-up

10 OCT 2017, 11:00 AM

Living this close to the water, we sometimes forget how much of an impact we have on our very own coast lines. Join us for a morning of creating awareness around the trash we produce and appreciating nature with like minded people!


Date: Sunday September 10, 2017

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Sunset Beach, Vancouver

Botshabelo Volunteer Experience (2017)

17 AUG - 2 SEP 

In 2017 we hosted our first ever group volunteer experience. Our mission, bring phase one of the Botshabelo Community Development Project to life.  We brought 4 volunteers on a one-of-a-kind experience. From creating and upgrading infrastructure to making friends with a loving community of men, women and children, it was the trip of a life time!


Duration: 17 days

Dates: August 18 - September 2


Visit our Botshabelo page to learn more!

commYOUnity Film Screening

10 JUN 2017, 7:00 PM

commYOUnity™ is a film screening that promotes local entrepreneurs, highlights the diversity in their stories, and inspires others to see what is possible for them. You do not want to miss an evening of drinks, networking, and making a difference! Proceeds raised from the event support the Botshabelo Community Development Project.


For tickets and to learn more about the event, click here.

thank you..png
3rd Annual Botshabelo Benefit Concert

9 JUN 2017, 6:00 PM

We've teamed up again with, Deghan Munn and Raquel Dominguez, for the Third Annual Botshabelo Benefit Concert. This year, TELUS™ has graciously donated their rooftop garden to host our event. Proceeds raised from the event are going towards the Botshabelo Solar Panel Project and the always exciting, Kids Day event.  Join us for live music, drinks and a good time.


For tickets and to learn more about the event, click here.

Bracelets for Botshabelo

13 FEB 2017 

This Family Day, we were joined by friends, family and strangers for the event. We had an amazing time making bracelets for the Botshabelo community and enjoyed the delicious donated treats. Check out the photos and stories from the event here.

2nd Annual Botshabelo Benefit Concert

11 FEB 2016, 7:00 PM

Last year, Deghan Munn (photographed on left) started the first ever Botshabelo Benefit Concert in an effort to raise funds for the Botshabelo community in Magaliesburg, South Africa. Founded in 1990, the community is home to families and children affected by HIV/AIDS, in addition to countless animals and other individuals seeking care.


After the great success of last year, we joined forces to host the 2nd annual Botshabelo Benefit Concert on February 11, 2016. We can offiically announce that this event raised over $20K for the Botshabelo community. We'll be headed there later this year to host Kids Day and get the Solar Panel Project off to a start.


To read more about the event or check out photos, click here.

To learn more about Botshabelo, click here.

Photo 2015-07-17, 11 26 49 PM.jpg
Vancouver Folk Music Festival

17-19 JUL 2015

Vancouver Folk Music Festival, that's a wrap! We had an amazing weekend soaking up the sun, music and good vibes with our community. People from all over came out to be part of the 38th annual Folk Festival and it was certainly the place to be in beautiful Vancouver.  We made amazing connections and look foward to building this relationships in the future. Our bracelets were a hit too.

IMG_20150419_120218.jpg 2015-4-19-18:51:
Earth Day at Stanley Park

19 APR 2015 

On Sunday April 19th, we joined artist Sharon Kallis and SPES’ Stewardship Team in a creative and unique habitat restoration initiative at the The Nature House on Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park!


We celebrated an early Earth Day knitting English Ivy into stabilizing and anti-erosion bio blankets for the Stanley Park Ecology Society. We learned about upcycling invasive plant species and assisted SPES with weeding designated areas of the park of English ivy and Himalayan Blackberry. This event was a great community building and learning experience and we are grateful to have been a part of it.


For photos and stories, check out our blog and facebook page.

Take a Hike

27 MAR 2015, 8:00 PM

The CSW team would like to thank everyone who came out to Micky's Irish Public House for our first ever fundraising event. We'd also like to extend an attitude of gratitude towards all of our event sponsors and Micky's, for their hospitality. Your love and support helped us raise over $1500 for the launch of a CSW awareness campaign (details to come).


In one month our adventurous Community Champion, Rachel, will embark on an epic journey from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Not only will she be braving all four seasons during this adventure, but she'll also be networking with the local communities, building connections with the various other trekkers and raising awareness for CSW.

Edited Image 2015-4-23-17:26:18
One Sandwich at a Time

8 MAR 2015

We would like to extend a great big thank you to everyone who came out to our event today. It was a huge success and we could not have done it without you.


We prepared over 1000 sandwiches, hand wrapped them with love and delivered these, along with hundreds of fruits, to our community. Your kindness and bright smiling faces made a difference today, and for that, we are grateful. You inspire us.


Check out our Facebook page for photos from the event.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for event details and upcoming initiatives! 

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