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Exercise Therapy (2018)


Sustainability, refers to more than just the planet. Sustaining the humans on this planet includes the mind, body and spirit. Kinesiology and Masters of Physical Therapy graduate, Amanda Morin, joined us to help elevate the lives of several community members by increasing their mobility and improving functional independence.

Amanda worked all day every day treating a number of individuals throughout the community as well the many opportunists who sought a little bit of help for their aches and pains. We wanted to make a the most of our time at Botshabelo, so Amanda worked with four main community members, Annaleta, Sarah, Calvin, and Con.


The journey for each of these individuals is long and full of many new obstacles. As part of our continued work with the community, Amanda has provided exercise programs for each participant to continue to use in our absence and will continue to support them from a distance. Thanks to our many donors we’ve also provided the community with walking and gait assists including canes, walkers, and a child gait trainer. These tools will support each individual on their journey.


Annaleta is a 7-year-old Cerebral Palsy child who struggles to walk, talk and be independent. Amanda made exercising fun, full of sweet treats, and showed this incredible kid that she is capable of walking, running, climbing the stairs, and being a normal little girl. Check out Annaleta's journey below.


Amanda also worked with 3-year-old Calvin, a young boy with Down Syndrome, who never quite learned how to properly crawl or walk. Thanks to our donors, we began teaching him to crawl and walk for the first time in his life. What a gift it was to see his mom, Pauline, see him walk for the first time. If you're looking for a reason to smile, then check out Calvin's experience below.


Alas, Amanda's major work was with Con, Botshabelo's father. After a massive stroke, Con's memory and ability to sit, walk, or move were significantly impacted. Having spent more than two years in bed, our goal was to get Con up and moving. And that we did. There's not enough words to explain this experience, so check out Con's journey below.  


Our work with Sarah was unique in that this beautiful 13 year old girl has severe Cerebral Palsy and is non-communicative. With severe contractures of the knees and elbows, this charismatic young lady requires around the clock care. Our goal with Sarah was to make her more comfortable by releasing her contractures. While Sarah couldn’t speak with us, we knew just how to make her laugh with funny pig noises and dramatic readings of her favourite books.

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