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Botshabelo Exercise Therapy Project

Toronto Physiotherapist and CSW team member, Amanda Morin, returns to for her third visit to Botshabelo. This year she continues leading the Exercise Therapy Project that she began in 2018. With a stacked team of volunteers, the goal is to work with Con, Annaleta (photographed below), and Sarah is to assess their progress in person and develop additional personalized exercise programs that will continue increasing their mobility and improving their functional independence.


As we’ve also discovered in recent years, Amanda’s work within the community is sought after by many others in the community. That is why this year Amanda and our volunteers will host a drop-in clinic providing support to those within the community who are interested and require exercise therapy.


Daily visits include assessments, exercising, and even playing. As each day passes, exercises and play progress gradually depending on the individuals progress.  Approaching the end of our stay, the team will  train each respective care-taker on the proper form and techniques of their exercise programs to ensure their continued success.

Total Estimated Project Cost: $500

The total cost includes:

  • Exercise tools/devices

  • Freight and shipping of any tools/supplies

  • Printing costs

  • Health and safety materials​

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