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Picture Day


Many, if not all of us, have probably lost someone special, been on an epic adventure, eaten the a delicious meal, or been feelin' a new haircut. And chances are many, if not all of us, have stopped to take a photo to remember that special moment or person. Now imagine losing a loved one, celebrating your wedding day, birthday, graduation, your child's first steps, your first first car, prom night, winning the championships, that tropical vacation or that time you met your favourite celebrity all without a photograph to remember it by. 

The fifth and final project on the 2019 to-do list is Family Photo Day. The goal of this project is to provide an opportunity for the community to come together with their loved ones and capture memories in photographs. Physical photographs will provide all of the Family Photo Day participants with memories they can continue to cherish for many years. 

Best Friends portrait - Botshabelo

Pictures hold some of our personal favourite memories. And when we look at them, they give us the gift of reliving some of the best moments in our lives. In many ways, pictures are in and of themselves, gifts and we're excited to share this gift with Botshabelo.

In preparation for this project we've secured a good quality second hand photo printer that is perfect to travel with. In just 45 seconds, the printer outputs a high quality 4 x 6 colour photo with or without borders.  


With the help of our volunteer team, we'll be able to capture all of the photos, sort and print the images on site. 

Lights, Camera, Action. It's time for Botshabelo's close up! 

Total Estimated Project Cost: $250

The total cost includes:

  • Photo printer

  • Printing photo paper

  • Printer Ink​

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