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First Aid Training (2018)


CSW is committed to delivering education and skills training in everything we do. Education and skills training provides a long-term benefit to the entire community and the individuals learning something.


Village life comes with a never ending list of emergencies, so together with Botshabelo, we recognized an opportunity to better prepare the community to respond to the situations that come their way. By enrolling a variety of teachers, crèche staff, and youth leaders, First Aid training offers a tangible skill and certification that they can use to advance their careers (and be proud of). Moreover, First Aid training increases their emergency preparedness, ultimately elevating the community’s overall health and safety.


Over two-days of training, we enrolled 26 community members in Level One First Aid Training. The training took place on site at Botshabelo and was led by the amazing teachers from the National First Aid Academy (NFAA) of South Africa. With individuals of varied levels of literacy participating in this training, NFAA delivered an accessible and inclusive training for all levels of education by focusing on practical skill development and testing. We are excited to share that each participant completed and passed their training, receiving their very own certification.


Topics covered over the two days included, Role of the First Aider, Protection against infections – Patient and First Aider,  Emergency Management, Patient communication, Consent, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, Adult-basic C.P.R., , Child-basic C.P.R., , Infant-basic C.P.R., Choking, Bandages & Soft Tissue Injuries, Correct use for different bandages, Wounds, External bleeding control, Unconsciousness, Fractures, Burns, Head and Spinal Column injuries, Concussion, Environmental Injuries, poisoning,  and Snake bite.


Check out the video below for a sneak peek at the weekend.

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