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Fundraising Coordinator


Operations Team

Our Fundraising Coordinator reports to the Operations Manager. The FC collaborates with the Social Media and Community Program teams to plan, coordinate and execute successful fundraising initiatives that support our mission as well as our various community programs.. The Operations Team is responsible for developing and implementing a successful fundraising strategy, creating and managing the organization’s budgets, overseeing Community Programming and managing the day-to-day operations.



The Day-to-Day

Our fundraisers are the heart and soul of the organization. Our programming is made possible by our fundraisers; making them the most important part of the team. Fundraisers are expert communicators and feel energized creating magic from scratch and seeing it manifest into a successful initiative. They have a flare for hosting events, raising money and making a difference in the world. In fact, this might even be their purpose in life. When making decisions, our Fundraisers are motivated and grounded by CSW’s vision and mission. Along with the title of Fundraiser, these part-time heros are also problem solvers; they easily identify problems and are excited to solve them.


We’re looking for a self-starting Fundraising Coordinator who’s not afraid to think outside the box for a good cause. Our Fundraising Coordinator should be comfortable carrying out project based work that supports our various programs and organizational goals.


Your Responsibilities

  • To develop and implement a localized fundraising plan for the organization which will achieve the goals for sustainable funding, the development of projects, and delivery of core operations

  • To acquire and develop a strong fundraising portfolio

  • To identify and develop suitable fundraising opportunities, new projects and funds

  • To cultivate and nurture successful and productive relationships with current and potential corporate/foundation sponsors and individual donors;  

  • To accurately monitor fundraising progress and produce quality reports for internal and external parties when required

  • Your major fundraising project is to coordinate our major annual Botshabelo fundraiser

  • Support and collaborate with the Community Program Coordinators to launch local community programs (ex, fundraising methods, strategies, etc.)

  • Encourage online fundraising via


The Fine Print

  • Good research and organization skills  

  • High level of self motivation and ability to work proactively  

  • Good communication skills, verbal and written  

  • Ability to prepare and work with budgets

  • IT skills to include: confident use of websites, word processing, databases, spreadsheets and ability to produce succinct and informative reports  

  • Ability to meet deadlines and good time management  

  • Good telephone manner  

  • Able to lift and manoeuvre light loads, for example when setting up events.  

  • Understanding of health and safety issues and risk assessments, and their application to events

  • Experience of working with volunteers and in the community

  • Driving licence desirable but not essential

  • Aptitude, personality and relevant experience are of greater significance than academic qualifications. However, qualifications relevant to the role would be welcomed

Why Volunteer with Us?

CSW’s vision is to support and develop sustainable self-reliant communities around the globe. We work in our local communities and international communities to promote our values of community, collaboration, sustainability, and education. As part of the CSW team, you are helping to make a difference!

Working with CSW, you have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the areas of communications, social media management, non-profit management, and sustainability. Through CSW you can build your portfolio and develop marketable skills. CSW also offers the opportunity for growth within the organization and the chance to take on more responsibilities.

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