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One Sandwich at a Time

On March 8th we gathered together with volunteers from our community, the Downtown East Side Food Runners and Hapa Izakaya Coal Harbour to prepare sandwiches for those with empty bellies.

Over 60 bright smiling faces joined us for the sandwich prep, and together, we headed out into the community to deliver the delicious goodies to the hungry. To our surprise, another group joined us for the morning and donated over 500 bananas and oranges. We'd like to send a huge shout out to you guys!

Our volunteers worked effortlessly to prepare and wrap over 1000 sandwiches. Totaling more than 2000 pieces of bread, 1000 pieces of ham and cheese and generous amounts of mustard and mayo. Although Vancouver is known for it's rainy weather this time of the year, we were lucky to have had clear blue skies and 12 degrees outside.

The not so proverbial "fruits of our labour" were graciously received by Down Town East Side (DTES) community. If you were walking down Hastings around 12:30 in the afternoon, you'd have likely seen many hands clutching clean water, ham sandwiches and bananas.

We were also very lucky to have photographer and photo journalist, Matt Law, join us for the day. His photos captured the pure joy our volunteers had getting involved. We couldn't have asked for better memories from our first event. Check out the entire photo album on our facebook page, But here's a few to share the excitement...

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