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Exercise Therapy 2.0 (2019)


We are delighted to announce that Toronto Physiotherapist, Amanda Morin, will be returning to the Botshabelo Community with us in September.  Our of her tremendous success during the 2018, Amanda will continue working with Con, Annaleta and Sarah. Since our last visit, each of this individuals have continued their exercise programs and has made progress. Most notably is Annaleta who is now attending school full time and learning how to read and write. 

Botshabelo Exercise Therapy

This photo shows Annaleta (far right) getting ready for school with her two best friends. 

The goal of our work with Con, Annaleta, and Sarah is to assess their progress in person and develop additional personalized exercise programs that will continue increasing their mobility and improving their functional independence. During our stay Amanda will pay daily visits to Sarah, Con and Annaleta to jump start the next phase of their progress and train their respective care-takers on the proper form and techniques of their exercise programs.

As we discovered in 2018, Amanda’s work within the community was sought after by a number of individuals above those she had intended to see. Therefore, this year Amanda will also be hosting open-door Exercise  Clinic hours so that she can provide support to those within the community who are interested and require a little bit of exercise based TLC. It's hard to know exactly who or what Amanda will be working with during clinic hours but it will certainly be exciting to share this with you when we return. 

Total Estimated Project Cost: $500

The total cost includes:

  • Exercise tools/devices

  • Freight and shipping of any tools/supplies

  • Printing costs

  • Health and safety materials​

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