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Botshabelo Community Development Project

Botshabelo | community for a sustainable world | csw
Botshabelo | community for a sustainable world | csw
Botshabelo | community for a sustainable world | csw

The Project

The Botshabelo Community Development Project is based on CSW's Community Development Wheel™. This model breaks down the five key elements of a sustainable community. Each piece works symbiotically to support sustainable self-reliant communities. Every project at Botshabelo falls under one or more of these categories and contributes to our project objectives.

Botshabelo Community Development

Project Objectives

Our major project goal is to support Botshabelo is becoming a model African sustainable village. We have five major project objectives: 


1) elevate and develop sustainable community infrastructure

2) create a sustainable source of income that supports long-term community growth and development 

3) divert waste from municipal programs through a holistic waste management process

4) establish effective food production and water management system

5) empower community members through meaningful education and skills training


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The Project List


In 2017 we provided the Botshabelo Community Development Trust with independent access to water using a 3.2 kilowatt solar panel system. Providing access was the first step, in creating an entirely independent water management system. 


This year, we're tasked with creating an entirely gravity fed water distribution system that moves water more efficiently.

Gravity Water Supply (2019)
Botshabelo Exercise Therapy CSW

This year Amanda Morin will be returning with us to Botshabelo community to continue her work.


With the help of our volunteers and the community members, she'll continue her work with Con, and Sarah. We'll check in with Annaleta's progress. Amanda will also be seeing some new community members with the continued goal of increasing mobility and improving their functional independence. 

Exercise Therapy cnt'd (2019)
Botshabelo First Aid Project

CSW is committed to delivering education and skills training in everything we do. Education and skills training provides a long-term benefit to the entire community and the individuals learning something.

First Aid Training (2018)
Energy Education Program Botshabelo

As part of CSW’s four branches, we believe that education is fundamental. That's why one of the major project objectives for 2017, was to enroll all of the school children through energy education programming that would compliment the work we were up to in the community.

Energy Education Workshop (2017)
Botshabelo Mushroom Project CSW

With the help of Danielle Stevenson, last year we got the Botshabelo Mushroom Project off the ground, quite literally.


Now that the mushroom cultivation has taken off, we'll be working with the community to fine tune their growing process and explore how the project will continue to evolve into the future. 

Mushrooms 2.0 (2019)

Pictures hold some of our personal favourite memories. And when we look at them, they give us the gift of reliving some of the best moments in our lives. In many ways, pictures are in and of themselves, gifts and we're excited to share this gift with Botshabelo.

Family Photo Day (2019)
Botshabelo Exercise Therapy

Sustainability, refers to more than just the planet. Sustaining the humans on this planet includes the mind, body and spirit. Kinesiology and Masters of Physical Therapy graduate, Amanda Morin, joined us to help elevate the lives of several community members by increasing their mobility and improving functional independence.

Exercise Therapy (2018)
Energy Reduction Project Botshabelo

In order to support Botshabelo's goals of living off the grid, we started our project with several major energy reduction strategies that would widely impact the community. From installing prepaid electrical meters, to a full overhaul of the community's lighting, we reduced the community's energy consumption by about 8%.

Energy Reduction (2017)

We're teaming up with Software Developer, Jean-Marc Skopek, to launch a micro computer lab and computer skills training program for the Botshabelo Community. 

We live in a time where basic, and even advanced, computer skills are must when it comes to schooling and landing a job. Alongside Jean-Marc, we'll be delivering computer education and skills training for the community. 

Computer Lab (2019)
Botshabelo Mushroom Project

This year we partnered with mushroom expert, Danielle Stevenson, to introduce mushroom cultivation to the Botshabelo community. Our introduction of fungi to the community included three major parts: 

  1. Infrastructure and construction;

  2. Mushroom education and skills training 

  3. Providing the equipment and tools required to operate a sustainable mushroom growing operatio

Mushroom Cultivation
Botshabelo Solar Panel Project

In August 2017, we gave Botshabelo independent access to clean water, bringing them one step closer to reaching their goal of living off the grid. This project is a major part of Botshabelo's energy reduction strategy, but more importantly, it's a major part of providing the community with a stronger sense of independence.

Solar Panel Project: Solar Water Pump (2017)

Future Projects

Since we began in 2016, we're set out to crush some major project goals, but there's still lots more work to be done. Check out the list of future projects we hope to bring to life at Botshabelo. Have an idea for a project or would like to support with those listed here? Let's talk! 

  • Biogas Collection & Heating

  • Rain Water Collection

  • Sustainable Community Garden (Permaculture Education & Training)

  • Hydroponics, Aquaponics

  • Community Workshop (tools & workspace)

  • Community Library

  • Skills Training (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, leadership & management, automotive, cooking, sewing, crafting, yoga, etc.)

  • Community Tuck Shop

  • Community Recreation Centre


Anything you can contribute? We'd love to hear from you.