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Top 5 Tips: Mindful Gift Giving

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Whatever you're celebrating this holiday season, gift giving is so much fun, but the shopping part can be quite a bit hectic. To help make the experience a little bit easier, we've collected our top five Mindful Gift Giving Tips for the holidays!

TIP 1: Make Something

The best gifts are those that come from the heart. Knit that scarf, make a beautiful card and write that letter. This is especially fun for those with kids or those with a knack for DIY crafts!

TIP 2: Shop Local

Instead of popping into that big box store, this season, do your shopping at the local markets, bazaars and holiday pop-ups. Support your small business owning friends, and local business owners by gifting from their uniquely curated selection of goodies.

TIP 3: Go for Minimal Packaging

There's a reason why cleaning up after Christmas morning takes longer than opening gifts....packaging. Instead of buying that gift wrapped in endless paper and plastic, consider purchasing used items or those wrapped in either recyclable or bio-degradable packaging.

TIP 4: Remember, It's Quality over Quantity

When picking out that special item for your loved ones, consider that item's life cycle. Where did it come from? How was it made? What is it made of? Who was involved in making this gift? Will it be reused? Will it biodegrade? Choosing quality items that are mindfully and well made will not only prolong their lifespan and function, but also divert items from landfills, and lengthen their joy they bring. This is something we can all feel good about!

TIP 5: When in Doubt, Gift Practical

Many gifts end up collecting dust on shelves, in closets, in basements or going straight to the landfill. So consider gifting something practical that the lucky recipient can use. Socks are the most underrated and highly useful gifts for any occasion. And if you're like many humans, this might be the only time in the next 365 days toes bask in a fresh pair of socks!

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